The GIERGIEL Real Estate Agency

The GIERGIEL Real Estate Agency has been operating in Podkarpacie region since 1993. We have an established position on the Rzeszow real estate market.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most complete property services to our clients.To achieve our goal GIERGIEL employs experienced experts in real estate. As a professional company, we believe that Client's trust can only be gained by offering the highest quality services.

We provide all-inclusive full legal and organizational service of transactions, as well as consulting services during negotiations between parties. Thanks to a close collaboration with public notaries, law offices, surveyors and banks which provide financial support, we lead the Client safely through a labyrinth of legal, administrative and other intricacies which can often be encountered in the course of carrying out property transactions.

Our core business is the provision of brokerage services in transactions of purchase & sale, letting, lease as well as exchange of all types of properties (flats, luxury apartments, houses, lots, commercial premises and facilities) on the secondary and primary market, in Rzeszow and in its area.

Being aware that we shall meet all your expectations, we kindly invite you to enter into a fruitful co-operation with us.

We warmly invite You to visit our Company.

If you have any questions please contact:

Mob. 664 730 250
Mob. 660 676 669
Mob. 604 272 223